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• Oil change

• Fluids change

• Tire rotation / Tires

• Tune ups

• Fuel Injection

• Check engine light

• Belt and hoses replacement

• Shocks / Struts

• Air Filters

• Computer Diagnostic

• Transmissions

• Radiator

• Air Conditioning

• Alternators

• Clutch

• Timing Belt

• Steering alignment

• Engine Tuning

• Emissions / Smog Repair

• Overheating

• Electrical

• Starters

• Water Pumps

• Brakes

Auto Repair

Auto Maintenance

Car manufacturers are recommending oil and filter changes at 7500 to 15000 miles.

At Luxury Automotive we recommend changes every 6000 miles using synthetic oil for severe driving conditions such as temperature extremes we experience in Georgia. Due to oil contamination caused by gasoline and moisture residue from the combustion process, we consider even driving around town [repetitive short trips] to be severe. Changing your oil and filter often removes contaminants thus prolonging your engine life.

Brakes tend to last anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 miles on most cars. Regular tire rotation every 6,000 miles will allow for regular brake checks. This service also allows you to get maximum life out of your tires. These are important safety issues.

Manufacturers recommend that anti-freeze be changed every three to four years. Anti-freeze contains chemicals that fight corrosion and supply seals with conditioners. These chemicals deplete over time, so flushing and changing anti-freeze can help prevent head gasket problems and other cooling system failures.

It is also recommended that brake fluid be changed every two years. Brake fluid is hydro-scopic [absorbs moisture] causing the fluid to lower it’s boiling point. Under hard braking the contaminated fluid may cause of soft or fading brake pedal. Another safety issue.

The thing to remember is that routine maintenance at regular intervals may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair bills over the life of your car.

To assist our customers in maintaining their vehicle EURO’S has produced a Recommended Maintenance Schedule booklet, which we give to our customers to help them keep track of their car’s services. The booklet gives a thorough explanation of periodic services and the purpose of having them done. Also there is a oil change offer on the back cover of the booklet that when stamped gives a free oil service every sixth visit.

For your convenience, we perform the following services on your import car or SUV:

● 30/60/90K mileage maintenance services

● Air conditioning/heating repair

● Battery, and charging system diagnosis and repair

● Brake system

● Check engine light

● Cooling system repair and maintenance

● Drivetrain

● Electrical problems

● Emission problems

● Engine performance

● Engine repair

● Exhaust problems

● Factory recommended service/maintenance

● Fuel system repair and maintenance

● Oil change

● Steering & suspension

● Tire replacement

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