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Gold Inspection

• Engine (oil level, leaks, oil condition, mounting)

• Cranking system (initial voltage, cranking RPM, cranking volts)

• Charging system (current leakage, charging rate, diode pattern)

• Ignition system (function, dwell)

• Timing system (initial timing, advance timing, centrifugal)

• Ignition secondary

• Fuel system (idle mixture, cruise mixture)

• Vacuum

• Battery terminals and cables

• Fuel filter (transparent type)

• Radiator, Hoses and Caps

• Battery

• Cooling System

• Air Cleaner

• Spark plugs

• Air conditioning

• Windshild washers

• Windscreen wipers

• Lighting system

• Drive belts (condition, function)

• Steering (oil level, leaks, oil condition)

• Brake/Clutch (fluid level, leaks, fluid condition)

• Front fuel lines

• Front Brake lines

• Trunk lid (condition, sealing)

• Doors (function, sealing)

• Windows (function, sealing)

• Tires

• Tire Pressure

• Rear fuel lines

• Rear brake lines

• Hand brake linkage and cable

• Exhaust system

• Shock absorber

• Steering linkage

• Propeller shaft and Universal joint

• Transmission (leaks, oil level, oil condition)

• Rear axle (leaks, oil level, oil condition)

• Under carriage

• Engine (starting characteristics, acceleration)

• Clutch (clearance, function)

• Hand brake (function, adjustment)

• Transmission gear shift

• Drive shaft

• Steering (operation, center position, free play, straight position)

• Dash board panel gauges

• Safety belts

An Engine Analyser is used to test the Cranking system, Charging system, Ignition system, Timing system, Ignition secondary, Fuel system, and Vacuum. A brake fluid tester is also used to determine the water content in brake fluids.

Platinum Inspection

Pre-Road Test

Underhood checks

Hood release

Brake fluid

Power steering fluid filled

Wiper/washer fluid filled

Battery condition/load test

Charging system operation

Throttle linkage operation

Operational checks

Remote key fob


Seat adjuster

Steering column adjuster

Ignition switch

Malfunction indicator lamp/warning lamp

Air bag system

Trip computer/overhead console

Heated seat

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning system

Turn signal/hazard lamps


Brake lamps

Headlamp/high beam/low beam

Interior lamps

Door locks (all switches)


Parking brake

Fog lamp

Windshield wiper system operation

Wiper blades in good condition

Rear window wiper condition

Rearview mirror

Sideview mirrors

Rear defroster

Seat belts

Convertible top


Road Test

Ease of starting

Cold-idle quality

Gear selector operation

Steering performance

Power steering performance

Steering wheel center alignment

Vehicle tracking performance

Equipment operation

Cruise control


Instrument panel/gauges

Sound and/or Entertainment system

Powertrain performance

Acceleration performance

Clutch operation (manual transmission)

Upshifting performance

Downshifting performance

Steady throttle performance

Transfer case all-wheel-drive performance

Hot-idle performance

Braking performance

Brake booster performance

Vehicle tracking

Antilock Brake System

Overall stopping performance

Post-Road Test

Fluid leaks — visible inspection

All fluid levels (underhood)

Hot restart performance


Perform the following fluid inspection and/or changes:

Inspection air filter

Automatic transmission fluid and filter

Manual transmission fluid

Front differential fluid (4x4 only)

Rear differential fluid (4x4/RWD/AWD)

Transfer case fluid (4x4/AWD)

Engine coolant level and test

Front brakes have 50% or more of lining remaining

Front and rear brake component condition

Rear brakes have 50% or more of lining remaining

Perform outstanding vehicle campaigns

Tires match and are manufacturer’s recommended size/load capacity

Wheels match and are correct size and offset

Tread depth is 4/32" remaining

Tire sidewall condition

Tire pressure

Brake-line condition

Shocks and struts condition

CV joints boot condition

Exhaust system

Front suspension

Rear suspension

Steering components

Wheel bolts torqued to specifications

Tire-changing equipment (including spare) if applicable

Drive belts are tight and not damaged

Engine hoses

Emission system hoses

State/local testing


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